We understand that all businesses are at different levels. We can all use an expert at times regardless of the size of our company. Let us be your trusted adviser. Our rates are competitive and we are here to help you. Let us know what matters most to you. We will get you past your technical hurdles in business.
— Donald Cook, CEO

The Trusted Adviser Program

Whats in it for you?

  •   Receive the same I.T. Experience of a Fortune 500 even if you just have 1 employee.

  • Receive free consulting time just for having computers and servers under contract.
  • Have a single point of contact you can grow to know about your technology concerns. This person will build a relationship with you and solve your problems in advance.
  • Eliminate the stress of having to manage your computers yourself or by unqualified people.
  • Get a fixed rate for labor for computer service rather than being exploited by computer repair shops.
  • If you are a Fortune 500 get assistance in your I.T. Department with those pain points due to lack of training. (We can manage a subset of complex or mission critical servers for you)
  • We are USA support on USA soil.

Unique Feature

We do not charge by the “incident/ticket”. We charge a flat monthly rate. We provide such excellent service we do not lock you into a contract. We believe that if we treat you with mutual respect we will maintain a long-lasting business relationship.

For executives,

  • We will give you a number to call to address all your “BOSS” like technical concerns.
  • We are your Trusted Adviser. You need advice on a technical matter you call us. Its that’s simple.
  • Switching to a new financial records system
  • Implementing a disaster recovery solution
  • Terminating an employee and securing your data
  • The list is infinite (If we don’t know we will find an expert)
  • We have experts of many different technologies on our team don’t be shy.

Our Service Model

  • We install a secure Teamviewer client on all your computers & servers, protected by two step authentication, without a password displayed on the computer.
  • No one can remote control the computer but I.T. Concierge and we lock out the options \ settings \ configuration of Teamviewer.
  • It is not required for you to publicly open your firewall for us to manage your computers.
  • When an issue is present your staff will create a IT service ticket on our Website here:

o   tickets.1stopitshop.com

  • Tickets will notify your designated On Call Technical Support Engineer on his cell phone of the issue.
  • We will contact you in a timely fashion to resolve the issue.


  • IT Concierge will advise you on what software & hardware you need to purchase.
  • All Software and hardware is purchase by your company.
  • We will select the vendors that are cost effective and give you the most value for your dollar and what meets your specifications.

Special Permits / Certirications

If a special certification is needed to operate some technical component of your infrastructure. We will find someone with that certification to support your business. If it cost more we will negotiate it before we execute the plan.

Parking Lot Math:

  • $30    - Per desktop or Laptop per Month
  • $100  - Per physical Server per Month
  • $100  - Per Virtual Server per month
  • Trusted Adviser – Free with purchase above
  • One off consulting for large infrastructures…. Just call us
  • Need hosing for servers, applications and websites learn more here:

Fine Print: Advise & services are limited to the computers and servers that are covered under your monthly service contract. I.T. Concierge L.L.C. is not liable for advice not taken.